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Steel Framed construction has been in existence for many years, mainly used in the construction of large skyscrapers, like the Empire State Building, and large industrial buildings. 

This technology has been adapted for use in smaller scale residential and commercial construction using Light Gauge (Cold-Formed) Steel instead of the typical I-Beam construction generally associated with steel building. 

We use both Light Gauge (Cold-Formed) Galvanized Steel (which does not rust) and "Red Iron" Steel (which also does not rust).






Light Gauge (Cold-Formed) Steel has the flexibility and adaptability to afford the builder an unlimited number of designs, from simple one story residential homes to the most complicated, beautifully million dollar mansions.  The benefits of steel are enormous:


  • Protection from Strong Winds / Hurricanes / Tornados - Steel Framing can withstand extremely high wind loads (150+ MPH).



  • Mold Resistant - Steel Framed Homes are made of Galvanized Steel, and do not rust, do not rot, mold or deform when in water for prolonged periods of time, as traditional homes would.



  • Fire Resistance - Steel Framed Homes do not burn, since steel is non-combustible, unlike traditional homes, which burn in minutes.  This leads to much lowers home insurance costs.



  • Termite Resistant - Termites cant eat though Steel Framed Homes, unlike traditional homes, which always have problems with termites, and have to be treated for termite protection continuously, which can be expensive. 


  • Earthquake Resistant - Steel Framed Homes, due to their structural strength, have greater survival expectancy in Earthquakes than do traditional homes


  • Strength - Steel Framed Homes do not warp, bend, bow, twist or buckle as traditional homes do.  This saves you money and repair headaches.


  • Ease of Design - all designs are first computer generated, and then manufactured to the exact specifications desired.


  • Accuracy of Building - Steel Framed Homes are designed with CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software, and are assembled to exact specifications.  There is no bending, sagging, or deformation in walls, floors, or roofs, as would be with traditional homes.


  • No Wasted Materials - Since Steel Framed Homes are designed on computers, there is no wasted material, since the Steel is manufactured to the exact computer specifications, unlike traditional homes, which always generate lots of waste in the building process.  This saves money in terms of waste collection on the construction site.  Steel is considered a "Green Building Material", and in fully environmentally friendly.  Any scrap material that is left over is 100% recyclable.


  • Speed of Construction - It takes on average 4 days to erect a Light Gauge (Cold-Formed) Steel Framed Home, a huge savings in terms of cost of labor as compared to traditional construction, which can take weeks to erect.


  • Energy Efficiency - All the homes we build are 5 Star Energy Efficient Homes, built according to U.S. Government Energy Star Standards.  This means they are verified to be at least 30% more efficient than homes built to the 1993 national Model Energy Code, or at least 15% more efficient than state energy codes, whichever is more rigorous.  This adds up to many dollars saved in terms of energy use.


  • Beauty - Steel Framed Homes look exactly the same as traditional homes, and can be designed to be as beautiful as you demand.  The use of Steel Frames removes the need for Load Bearing Walls, which are needed in traditional homes, due to the inherent strength of Steel.  This permits interior design flexibility - large open spaces, long roof spans, vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, and many other designs which would be costly and sometimes impossible in traditional homes



  • Cost The Cost of a Steel Frame Home is equivalent to a traditional home of the same design, and since the erection process is much faster, there is money saved in terms of building costs.


  • House for a Lifetime - Because of the strength of Steel, our homes are made to last.




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